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A Black History Month Message from the President:

Thoughts on Black History Month

By Keith Bryant

I got involved with SDABJ because I believed in their mission statement of helping and advocating for Black media professionals in San Diego County. I was connected to SDABJ through my mentors at NBC Connecticut and NABJ. I was moving back to California from NBC Connecticut. I was introduced to past president, Donna Stewart and she took me under her wing when I arrived in San Diego and started my new job at NBC 7 San Diego. So as I reflect on Black History Month and a year spent in San Diego, I could say joining SDABJ has been one of the best decisions in my life. I have realized the impact the organization has had on the Greater San Diego area from its professional development programs to advocacy it does for Black people in our community. SDABJ is a major part of our local Black history. While the pandemic and social unrest could have slowed down SDABJ, it continued to flourish and meet the needs of its membership and community. I stand on the shoulders of people like Donna, Jerry McCormick, Dana Littlefield, and many more who made this organization what it is today. This is a time to celebrate Black journalists and media professionals, not just today but every day because they are unsung heroes who are bringing critical information to everyone to educate our families and enrich our lives. So, Happy Black History Month, and I’ll continue to build on the success of past leadership while trailblazing a new path for the SDABJ.

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