Ronald Clark, SDABJ Scholarship Recipient

I do not finish college without the love and support of the San Diego Association of Black Journalists. I received their scholarship for college students from San Diego who were pursuing journalism during my sophomore year. I struggled to financially pay for school throughout my four year matriculation at Hampton University. If it weren’t for organizations like SDABJ, I do not earn my BA in Print Journalism. After three internships and three nationally-recognized summer journalism institutes, I worked at a newspaper for three years in New Jersey before ending up in education. I now have my M.Ed. from the University of San Diego, work as a 10th grade African-American Literature teacher at Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men in Southside Chicago and I am the self-published author of ‘Vinnie: a love letter’. Thank you SDABJ for always checking on me, supporting me and being an organization that I will always love. I knew they truly loved me as a person when I left journalism and their love for me never faltered or changed. That always meant a lot to me. SDABJ means a lot to me.

Thank you, forever and always.
Ronald ClarkAuthor, Vinnie: a love

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